If for some reason you are particularly concerned to maintain your anonymity and the format of your email address would disclose your identity, Incorporator does not mind if you use a bogus email address as your username so long as it is not someone else's email address being used without their permission. However if you do choose to use a bogus email address Incorporator will not be able to give you access to your previous inputs if you forget the username/PIN combination you have chosen. In contrast if you give your correct email address Incorporator could email you your forgotten username/PIN combination via that email address.

Subject to you not using a third party's email address without their permission, Incorporator promises not to relay the email address to any third party.

Further and generally, Incorporator promises not to sell the email address to any third party.

Finally, if you do not want to enter any kind of email address you can go back via the 'Back' button and indicate that you don't want to save your inputs for your possible future use.

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