What is a 'one person company'?

By a 'one person company' Incorporator means a proprietary/private company limited by shares - i.e. a 'Pty Ltd' / 'Proprietary Limited' company - with one and the same person as the company's -
· sole member - i.e. shareholder or owner;
· sole director; and
· sole company secretary.

(Since a change in the law effective 13 March 2000, a proprietary company is no longer required to have a company secretary - but it still may have one. Therefore, if you want to form a company not having a company secretary e.g. a company merely having one person as its sole director and sole member/shareholder, then you should answer 'No' to this question.)

A proprietary/private company limited by shares is by far the most popular (and generally the most suitable) type of company for a small business, or private investment entity, which proposes to trade as a company.
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