The sole member/shareholder may own/hold as little as '1' share or as many shares as you like (subject, of course, to the member/shareholder being able to afford the number of shares specified, bearing in mind the amount of money, if any, that the member/shareholder will agree to pay for each share - you will shortly be asked what amount, if any, the member/shareholder will agree to pay for each share).

However, regardless of the number chosen the member/shareholder, being the sole member/shareholder, will initially own 100% of the company.

You may however, want to specify say '100' shares - rather than say '1' share in order to make it simpler for the sole member/shareholder subsequently (i.e. subsequent to the formation of the company) to bring in additional owners (by transferring to them some of the sole member/shareholder's existing shares.)   Copyright © 2000