Company Name

Most persons or organisations forming a company want to choose an actual name for the company.

However, ASIC does not require that you choose a name for a new company.

A company might be incorporated without a specific name because, for example, its promoters have not yet settled on an actual company name or because they want their company name to be deliberately low key and non-descript.

If you decide not to choose a particular name for the company, the company will be known merely by a number which ASIC will allocate to the company, called an 'ACN' (Australian Company Number), followed by words or abbreviations indicating the company's 'legal elements' (if any) - sections 148 , 149 and 150(1) of the Corporations Act 2001.

For example:

  • 'ACN 123 456 789 Pty Ltd'
    (for a proprietary company limited by shares)


  • 'ACN 123 456 789 Pty'
    (for a proprietary company unlimited with a share capital)   Copyright © 2000