This member/shareholder may hold as little as '1' share or as many shares as you like.

Sole member/shareholder

If this member/shareholder is to be the sole member/shareholder, then regardless of the number of shares held, this member/shareholder will initially own 100% of the company. Nevertheless, sometimes when a new company is formed with only one member/shareholder, the sole member/shareholder starts off with say '100' shares - rather than say '1' share. This makes it simpler for the sole member/shareholder to bring in additional owners at a later time (by transferring to them some of the sole member/shareholder's existing shares).

More than one member/shareholder

If there is to be more than one member/shareholder then the number of shares this member/shareholder will hold will determine this member/shareholder's proportional ownership of the company. For example, if this member/shareholder were to hold 20 shares and if there were to be two other members/shareholders each holding 40 shares, then this member/shareholder would own 20% of the company and the other two members/shareholders would each own 40% of the company.   Copyright © 2000