On selecting 'I agree ... ' and then 'clicking' the 'Continue' button, the following sequence of events will occur (you don't have to remember any of this; you will be taken through this step-by-step; this is just to give you an idea of what's ahead) -

1. You will immediately be taken to the secure payment page (where you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners or PayPal).

2. If you then choose to pay, you will be charged $361.

3. You will then immediately and automatically be issued online with a 'Tax Invoice (and Receipt)' for the $361 you have paid (which you can then print-out, and/or save).

4. Incorporator will then immediately and automatically determine, and immediately generate, for your immediate print-out 24/7 (and/or for immediate email to you at your option), all the legally required documents for the incorporation of the proposed company, and all other documents which are legally required immediately following the incorporation of the company (as well as some additional registers for possible future use and the relevant share certificate(s)). (All these documents will have been tailored to the online answers you have given.) You will also be immediately supplied with print-outs containing clear and concise instructions about what you should do with the documents (which to sign and where to sign, which to lodge with ASIC - either over the counter or through the post, along with the ASIC $538 company registration fee - and which to retain etc.). See What documents do I receive?

5. When the company is incorporated (which will happen immediately if you lodge over the counter at ASIC, or within a few days if you lodge through the post), ASIC will issue you directly the company's Certificate of Registration (which will contain the new company's 9 digit ACN - Australian Company Number).

6. Once you have the ACN for the new company, you will then be able to -

  • Open a bank account for the company (Incorporator will supply you with simple and effective instructions about how to open a bank account for the new company).
  • Apply for (and immediately get) online, an ABN for the company (at no extra cost). (You will be able to do this via a government ABR website which Incorporator will direct you to.)
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