(This confirmation is necessary as a result of the combined effect of sections 100(1)(d) and 117(2)(g) of the Corporations Act 2001.)
In order for you to truthfully make this confirmation - if such written consent has not yet been obtained - you can first simply, here and now, jot out on a piece of paper, or print out, the following, and have it signed by the occupier (you could even fax it to the occupier and have the occupier sign it and fax it back to you) -
I/we, [_____________________________insert here the name of the occupier of the proposed company's proposed registered office], hereby consent to the proposed company, [____________________________________insert here the name of proposed company], using the following address (occupied by me/us) as its registered office - [_______________________________insert here the proposed registered office address]

(Occupier's Signature)
Date: ____/____/____

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