What documents do I receive?

Incorporator will automatically generate, and electronically deliver, all the legally required documents for the incorporation of the proposed company, and all other documents which are legally required immediately following the incorporation of the company (as well as some additional registers for possible future use and the relevant share certificate(s)).

These documents are as follows (All of the documents will be pre-completed and tailored taking into account your answers to Incorporator's questions. They will also comply with all the relevant provisions of the Corporations Act 2001). :

  • Application to incorporate
  • Director's consent(s)
  • Secretary's consent(s) (if applicable)
  • Occupier's consent for use of registered office (if applicable)
  • Member's consent(s)
  • Agreement(s) to take up shares (if applicable)
  • Share certificate(s)
  • Register of members
  • Register of charges
  • Register of option holders
  • Register of debentures
  • Member's guarantee(s) (if applicable)

You will also receive:

  • Access to a collated, standard set of rules for the governance of the company known as the 'Replaceable Rules' (these rules are an optional alternative to a 'Constitution')
  • Print-outs containing clear and concise instructions about what you should do with the documents (which to sign and where to sign, which to send off and which to retain etc.)
  • Bank Account Opening Instructions
  • Initial guidance and links to resources regarding ongoing legal and regulatory requirements

Please note that in programming Incorporator, the determination as to which documents are legally required and which are not, was made (and continues to be reviewed) by experienced former practising solicitors (See FAQ 'Who wrote Incorporator?') based on the modern and revised Corporations Act 2001 as it currently stands. These solicitors have not included documents simply on the basis that various shelf company providers continue to provide them.

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