Corporations Act 2001 - Sect 141
Table of Replaceable Rules

The following table sets out the provisions of this Act that apply as replaceable rules.

Provisions that apply as replaceable rules

Officers and Employees

1 Voting and completion of transactions - directors of proprietary companies 194


Powers of directors 198A
3 Negotiable instruments 198B
4 Managing director 198C
5 Company may appoint a director 201G


Directors may appoint other directors 201H
7 Appointment of managing directors 201J
8 Alternate directors 201K
9 Remuneration of directors 202A
10 Director may resign by giving written notice to company 203A
11 Removal by members - proprietary company 203C
12 Termination of appointment of managing director 203F
13 Terms and conditions of office for secretaries 204F
Inspection of books
14 Company or directors may allow member to inspect books 247D
Directors' meetings
15 Circulating resolutions of companies with more than 1 director 248A
16 Calling directors' meetings 248C
17 Chairing directors' meetings 248E
18 Quorum at directors' meetings 248F
19 Passing of directors' resolutions 248G
Meetings of members
20 Calling of meetings of members by a director 249C
21 Notice to joint members 249J(2)
22 When notice by post or fax is given 249J(4)
22A When notice under paragraph 3(cb) is given 249J(5)
23 Notice of adjourned meetings 249M
24 Quorum 249T
25 Chairing meetings of members 249U
26 Business at adjourned meetings 249W(2)
27 Who can appoint a proxy [replaceable rule for proprietary companies and mandatory rule for public companies] 249X
28 Proxy vote valid even if member dies, revokes appointment etc. 250C(2)
29 How many votes a member has 250E
30 Jointly held shares 250F
31 Objections to right to vote 250G
32 How voting is carried out 250J
33 When and how polls must be taken 250M
33A Pre-emption for existing shareholders on issue of shares in proprietary company 254D
33B Other provisions about paying dividends 254U
34 Dividend rights for shares in proprietary companies 254W(2)
Transfer of shares
35 Transmission of shares on death 1072A
36 Transmission of shares on bankruptcy 1072B
37 Transmission of shares on mental incapacity 1072D
38 Registration of transfers 1072F
39 Additional general discretion for directors of proprietary companies to refuse to register transfers 1072G   Copyright © 2000