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Incorporate your new company online in minutes right now! provides the quickest, easiest, automated way to register a company in Australia (either a Pty Ltd, or various other types of Australia-wide companies) and get incorporated. Just click the START button and follow the prompts. Setting up a company online and getting its ACN registration is so quick and easy using Incorporator, you can incorporate now!

Features and Benefits

  • Choose your own available company name (or incorporate your existing business name) - no need to buy a pre-named shelf company
  • Helpline (1300 653 373 - local call cost from fixed line within Australia), answered 9am to 5pm, AEST, Monday to Friday - excluding Public Holidays - full support available.
  • Incorporate a company with a single online secure credit/debit card (or PayPal) payment of $999 ($402 inc GST to Incorporator + $597 ASIC company register fee) - no more to pay (accepts Amex, Diners, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal)
  • No need to pre-register or login or create an account - register company name and start your company straight away. Australian company registration has never been so easy!
  • No requirement to give out your email address before, during or after the set up process - documents may simply be downloaded directly from the Incorporator website after incorporating
  • Not just private Pty Ltd companies or off the shelf companies - you may establish an unlimited or a limited liability co. (private or public) in Australia using Incorporator
  • Located in Australia
  • Test drive the site FREE - try it out before you start
Available Company Names Search START (No sign-up necessary, No upfront payment, Free test-drive)

You´ll receive all the associated legally required documents, including:

  • ASIC Certificate of Registration
  • Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • 'After Incorporation Documents' (share certificates, company register etc.)
  • 'Before Incorporation Documents' (consents, agreements to take up shares etc.)

Ensures that you set up the Coy in full compliance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Australia) and that its company name registration will immediately appear on the Australian company register at ASIC.


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Diners
  • PayPal


Australia's Triple Award Winner

Incorporator is Australia´s Only Triple Award Winning limited coy. and business incorporation system and is an ASIC registered agent (no. 22672). It uses its own ASIC Registered ECR (Electronic Company Registration) software (no. 2046) to create and make your incorporation application online 24/7 (and get your new ACN immediately). Used by tens of thousands of people since 2000.


Incorporator launches new website to register a business name

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Some information for sole traders, already trading under a registered business name, who decide to register a company ...

Incorporator has been used by many thousands of sole traders, who have decided (very loosely speaking) to "incorporate their business" or "incorporate themselves". Let's take the following illustrative and typical (albeit fictitious) example: John Smith has been running a lawn mowing business in NSW under the business name "Smithies Lawn Mowing". And because that business name is different from John's own name, John registered the business name at NSW Fair Trading, and was allocated the NSW registered business number BN17333877. He also registered, via, for an Australia-wide ABN (Australian Business Number) and for GST registration. Then, after a couple of years trading, John's accountant advises him that given that his sales have increased so much, and bearing in mind that he currently has potentially unlimited liability in relation to his business, that John should "incorporate his business".

So John goes to, clicks its START button and begins answering its questions. He soon is asked what name he wants to call the company and he specifies Smithies Lawn Mowing Pty Ltd. He then is asked whether he happens to have already reserved the proposed company name at ASIC, and he answers No. He then is asked whether the proposed company name (excluding the "end bits", Pty Ltd) is identical to an existing registered business name, and he answers Yes. He then is asked whether he owns that registered business name and he again answers Yes. He then is asked whether he registered the business name before 28 May 2012 and he again answers Yes. He then is asked to quote the state of registration and the registration number and he answers NSW BN17333876. John then finalises the process by going on to register the company online (at a cost of A$999) and is allocated the nine digit ACN 336 776 554.

John then notifies ASIC (who, on 28 May 2012 took over from NSW Fair Trading - and from all the other equivalent authorites in the other states and teritories - the administration of business name registration) that he is no longer trading under the name Smithies Lawn Mowing, and that Smithies Lawn Mowing Pty Ltd is now trading under the name Smithies Lawn Mowing*. (*And, having done so, the company may trade under its full name Smithies Lawn Mowing Pty Ltd, and/or its shortened registered business name, Smithies Lawn Mowing, and/or as Smithies Lawn Mowing Pty Ltd trading as Smithies Lawn Mowing.) Secondly, John opens a bank account for the new company at Westpac. Thirdly, he gets the new company registration, Smithies Lawn Mowing Pty Ltd, at no cost, to apply online at for an ABN, a TFN and for GST registration. And finally, at, he cancels the old/previous ABN (and GST registration) for himself as a sole trader.

UK company formation ...

Company Formation UK - Did you know that you can incorporate a UK limited coy without any of the shareholders or directors having to live in the UK or be UK citizens? And did you know that you could do such a UK company formation with our UKcorporator site, for 69.95 pounds all-up with your Australian credit card? Also, you can obtain articles of association and memorandum of association for a limited company formation in the UK via our UKcorporator website.